About parappa.party

Parappa.party, as said in its homepage is a fansite for the PaRappa the Rapper video game series. It is currently a work in progress, and more information about the series' history, world and trivia will be added as time progresses.
While Parappa.party started as a solo project, people have come and gone to collaborate in it at multiple points in the site's history. The following section is a list of of all the people who have contributed to Parappa.party's development; past and present, one-offs and longtime members.

Current Members

These are the people currently working on Parappa.party. If you want to get in touch with any of them, join the PaRappa.party Matrix space or contact them by the methods listed below.


Parappanon: Being someone crazy enough to claim that PaRappa the Rapper saved her from going down a dark path in life back in 2021, Parappanon is the only person that could have been able to propel her passion for the series into creating this site. Her dedication towards the franchise knows no limits, and when she's not thinking about PaRappa, you better bet that she's thinking about something vaguely related to it. Or messing around with *nix operating systems, writing something up or listening to Touhou music.
Contact: Matrix | E-Mail

Former Members


Wakfu[CK]: Former co-developer and CSS guy from the early days of the site. Corrected Parappanon's then extremely janky code (not like it's much better these days) and upscales videos in his spare time.
Left due to dissatisfaction with the management of the site from back then


People who have contributed to the Parappa.party website in some way or another, but are not part of the Parappa.party team.


prximity: Cleaned the code for a couple pages (namely, both the HTML and CSS code for the index page).

"Frequently" Asked Questions

Why Matrix? Why don't you have a Discord server instead?

When Parappanon first bought the domain for parappa.party, she planned to use it as a domain for self-hosted services in order to get away from the tech giants, and the first thing she hosted in there (before the site itself even became a thing) was a Matrix homeserver. Parappa.party will never have a Discord server because creating one would be redundant due to the Matrix space's existence as the central discussion platform for the project, as well as the fact that Discord itself is a privacy nightmare.

How can I contribute to this site?

If you have any ideas or content you think should be added to this site, don't hestiate to tell us about it through the Parappa.party Chat Matrix space or the contact methods listed on each current member's Contact section.

If you want to directly contribute to the site with some entries, code or something else instead of just telling us what you want us to put on a page or sending some text, we have a Gitea instance! You'll most probably need a bit of command line experience for this, as well as basic HTML for most pages, but fortunately both Git and HTML are easy to learn (there are even GUI programs for Git and version control, such as SourceTree!). Once you've made your edits, you will have to solicit a merge request in order for me to add the changes, which Parappanon will review in order to quality control what's in the site.

Is there a way to financially support this site?

Parappa.party is mostly paid out of pocket for now, but if you like this site and want to keep it live for longer, you can donate thtough Ko-fi.

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