About Parappa.party

Parappa.party, as said in its homepage is a fansite for the PaRappa the Rapper video game series. It is currently a work in progress, and more information about the series' history, world and trivia will be added as time progresses.

While Parappa.party started as a solo project, people have come and gone to collaborate in it. The following section is a list of Parappa.party team members

Curremt Members


Parappanon: The original creator and current webmaster of Parappa.party. Loves cute characters.
Matrix: @parappanon:parappa.party
E-Mail: parappanon@airmail.cc

Former Members


Wakfu[CK]: Co-developer and CSS guy. Corrects Parappanon's janky code and upscales videos in his spare time.

"Frequently" Asked Questions

Why Matrix? Why don't you have a Discord server instead?

TL;DR: Because Discord sucks.
Long story: I personally am a fan of decentralized services. My earliest plans for Parappa.party were to just make it a place where I could host my own services and content in the cloud, hopefully to get away from the tech giants and major social media services, and the first thing I set up was a Matrix homeserver for me and my friends to chat on. Following that, I started working on the actual site, and as it turned into what it is now like, I decided to just fully keep the Matrix as a community hub for this project.

How can I contribute to this site?

If you have any ideas or content you think I should add to this site, don't hestiate to tell us about it through our communication methods, from the accounts on this page to the Matrix. We'll review the idea and put it in right away after it.
If you want to directly contribute to the site with some entries, code or something else instead of just telling us what you want us to put on a page or sending some text, we have a Gitea instance! You'll most probably need a bit of command line experience for this, as well as basic HTML for most pages, but fortunately both Git and HTML are easy to learn (there are even GUI programs for Git and version control, such as SourceTree!). Once you've made your edits, you will have to solicit a merge request in order for me to add the changes, which I'll review in order to quality control what's in the site.

And if you want to give away some money, then you can also donate through Ko-fi.You can donate a minimum of 5 dollars through it, and the good thing is that your money won't get cut. Well, at least if you do a one-time donation. If you donate monthly instead, there's a 5% monthly cut. Well, at least it's better than Patreon.

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