Katy Kat

Voiced by: Michelle Burks (Referred to as "Mickey" in PaRappa 1's credits, PaRappa 1 and Um Jammer Lammy), Shannon White (PaRappa 2), Nakayama Rina (Anime)

RodneyFun Official Bio

"Katy Kat is a slender girl with well-matched crop tops and wide pants. Her character is open-hearted and cool. She uses her determination and energy in order to unite everyone together in MilkCan. She loves shopping, and is fashion-conscious. She frequently checks out new stores."


Katy Kat is a cat girl with a distinctively blue fur color, a pink nose and short blond hair, styled with bangs and a mullet.

Her usual outfit is that of a short, red sleeveless shirt with white vertical stripes, a matching pair of wide pants and heeled blue and purple shoes.

In Um Jammer Lammy, her outfit is mostly the same, but she changes her top for a blue one with a white star in the middle.


Katy is usually a very outgoing and confident girl. Her charms and talent are capable of winning over anyone who interacts with her, and in her friend groups she's the leader and "older sister"-like figure the rest often rely on.
Among her main interests are fashion, shopping and dancing. She also likes poetry, and takes classes in the subject in order to get better at it.

From Um Jammer Lammy onwards, she also becomes the leader of the all-girl band MilkCan, which she forms alongside Lammy and Ma-san. She forms the glue of this group, making them get along despite their contrasting personalities and connecting them wtih PaRappa and friends.


PaRappa The Rapper

In this first game, we are introduced to Katy as one of the members of PaRappa's friend circle alongside PJ and Sunny Funny.

During the events of Stage 4, she and her friends start planning out a party for Sunny Funny. She wins in rock-paper-scissors against PJ and PaRappa on the first try, meaning that she'd be the set-up producer for it.

Um Jammer Lammy

Katy returns to a much more pivotal role in Um Jammer Lammy, As the bassist, vocalist and leader of the aspiring all-girl band MilkCan, she has no problems showing herself off in stage.

She turns out to have been the one who suggested the ideas for MilkCan's concert, with her having asked Lammy and Ma-san if she could do her outrageous thematic ideas, only for both of her bandmates to ask her to tone them down. In the end, once the concert actually happens, the three girls end up coming just in time.

RodneyFun Comic Collection

Katy Kat is the protagonist of the third comic in the book, Katy's Shopping Explosion. In this comic Katy, who is currently broke and doing her best to balance between her part-time job at Dot's Diner, band practice with MilkCan and poetry classes ends up winning a free shopping spree at Massive Mart.

Once the day of the shopping spree comes,

PaRappa The Rapper 2

PaRappa The Rapper (2001 anime)

PJ Berri's Munching Mumbling



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