PJ Berri

Voiced by: Armstead Christian (Games), Masami Kikuchi (Anime), Oosuka Jun (PJ Berri's Munching Mumbling)

RodneyFun Official Bio

"Because he always wears pajamas, his nickname is PJ (which stands for pajamas)! His hobbies include eating, sleeping and listening to music. His appearance and demeanor might be seemingly calm, nonchalant and easygoing, but at PaRappa Town's Club Fun he transforms into a master DJ. His favorite foods are peanut butter and donuts, and he is enough of a glutton to eat up Sunny Funny's own cooking quickly."


PJ is a brown teddy bear. He is of a small stature, being either at or slightly shorter than PaRappa and Sunny. His appearance implies he's naked, but other information implies he's actually clothed and just puts whatever outfits he might need to wear at the moment above his pajamas.
He has black eyes and a purple nose.

When he enters into his PJ DJ persona, he puts on a pair of sunglasses with green rims and headphones, as well as adopting a more serious, rather than disinterested expression.


PJ is generally a very calm and relaxed individual, with a leisurely pace in life and a habit of taking things as they come. He can be seen as kind of stoic at first, but in reality, he is very caring and willing to help his friends whenever they need it, often giving advice to his friend Parappa.

One of PJ's greatest pleasures in life is eating, and he can very often be seen eating far more than he could or should, mostly donuts, but also any other kind of meal.
In addition to eating, he also loves sleeping, and takes naps frequently. This causes some to consider him lazy. He has an extensive and complex imaginary world in his dreams, in which he is a ruler of a kingdom and lives alongside his servants who feed him donuts and a population that loves him.

However, this doesn't mean he's completely unemotional. He's shown to be impressed by Joe Chin's limousine in the first game, and seems to be easier to impress than people think. In addition, he also doesn't like for his sleep to be interrupted.

When he DJs at Club Fun, however, he adopts a much more serious persona, one that shifts between a serious face and a rad grin, never in between. Despite it all, he still shows his passion and keeps himself composed much like his usual self.


PaRappa The Rapper

In the first game, PJ is introduced to the players as one of PaRappa's friends.
Following the Jet Baby movie, PaRappa and friends order some food, and he chooses a giant chocolate frosty and a large pie, which reflect his gluttony.
He ends up being shocked by the size of Joe Chin's car in the Stage 2 cutscene, calling it "phat", and when Sunny's birthday party comes along, he ends up getting the presents after a game of jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors).
At the end of the game, he appears in his DJ PJ persona to support Parappa in the final stage.

Um Jammer Lammy

PJ is an important character in the cutscenes for Parappa's stages in the game. He makes up some ideas for MilkCan's concert venue early on, then decides to start a band with PaRappa later, which goes hilariously wrong.

RodneyFun Comic Collection

PJ is the main character in the PJ's Dreamland comic book, which focuses on his inner dream world. We are shown his daily schedule, as well as PJ Land, the kingdom he rules over in his dreams. He is beloved by the people there, and he also does live shows that quickly sell out too.
At one point in the story, Sunny Funny gives him some of her cooking, and after he eats it, he immediately takes a nap, which leads him to have a dream where his kingdom gets invaded by an army of PaRappas, which throw him into a pit as a way to signify the end of his dream. Following this dream, he throws away the food Sunny made for him and goes back to his normal schedule, but PaRappa and Sunny find him at Club Fun and salute him, which leads him to frown at them due to his frustration with Sunny's food and makes them wonder what happened to him.

He also plays a role in the other three comics happening in the PaRappa universe. In Sunny Funny's Polite Garden Party, he accepts Sunny Funny's invitation to a tea party and is the only one to actually eat what she made, as Katy would only keep talking and PaRappa starts reacting and thinking about what's going around him before actually trying to eat. He ends up being blown up by Sunny's Dyanmite Strawberry Onion Cake, but ends being full anyway. In Katy's Shopping Explosion, he asks Katy if he can get her a free pork chop after she wins the free shopping spree at the Massive Mart and helps her set up all the appliances she bought from there, and in PaRappa Gets a Job he sets him up for a job at the local game store, which PaRappa ends up liking a lot and being very good at even if the pay is low.

PaRappa The Rapper 2

PJ returns in the second PaRappa game, now with a much more involved role than in the previous games.

Following the gane intro, he decides to follow Parappa to Beard Burgers in order for the two of them to get something to eat, and after Parappa makes burgers for Beard Burger Master they end up going to Parappa's home. It's here where he recommends Parappa the show Romantic Karate, and the two of them decide to watch it together. Following this, he gets hit with Papa PaRappa's shrinking ray alongside Parappa himself, but he, alongside Parappa's dad, General Potter, Katy, Lammy and all the guests that had come into the house who Ma-san shrunk with the remote control return to normal size after PaRappa raps with Guru Ant, who also ends up getting bigger.
Shortly after these events, PaRappa and PJ end up enlisting for the army under General Potter's command, and following their rather quick training session they end up having their first mission at the hair salon. PJ comments on the idea of Sunny wearing an afro, which PaRappa objects to.

In the penultimate stage, he ends up joining the show as DJ PJ in order to support PaRappa against Colonel Noodles and also appears in the Final Party.

PaRappa The Rapper (2001 anime)

In the anime, where most of the cast seems to be younger, his personality is slightly different. He is more stoic and grumpy than in the original games and while he's always had interests in food and sleeping, these seem to be his main traits in the anime. He is still one of Parappa's best friends, and frequently hangs out with him and Matt.

PJ Berri's Munching Mumbling

PJ is the main protagonist of this spin-off anime, which is inspired by PJ Berri's Dreamland.
In this miniseries, he's the fortune teller at Chop Chop Master Onion's Fruits Cafe, with PaRappa interpreting his dreams in order to give their clients advice.