Welcome to Parappa.party Chat

Parappa Chat is a publicly accessible chatroom and homeserver. It currently uses the Matrix protocol, which is akin to Discord, although decentralized as chats and accounts can be hosted in servers outside of Matrix's control.

If you have a Matrix account, you can directly join from there, but if you don't, we highly encourage you to either sign up at our homeserver, which uses the same domain as our site or to a recently updated homeserver in Join Matrix's list of public Matrix homeservers. This is in order to keep the Matrix network in good health.
In order to get the most functionality out of Parappa Chat, we recommend to use the client Nheko on desktop, and either FluffyChat or SchildiChat (Android only) on mobile devices.

If/Once you have a Matrix account, you can join Parappa.party's Matrix space below:


Terms of Service

If you interact with this service in any way, you agree and are bound to the terms written in this page. These terms go as the following:
  1. Do not post anything that can be considered as illegal by German law. This is because the homeserver is currently hosted in Gemany. If you use the parappa.party homeserver for malicious purposes you will be banned and all the offending content will be removed immediately.
  2. Be nice, don't be a dick. It's easier than you think.
  3. The following activities are not allowed either, and these will cause your account to be suspended as well: targeted harrassment, raids, spam, pishing and doxxing.
  4. Avoid revealing your power level. Do not post images that can be easily used for malicious purposes such as selfies, and do not reveal personally identifiable information. This is for your own safety and that of everyone else.

Privacy Policy

Last updated in January 8th, 2023

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