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Um Jammer Lammy Original Soundtrack

This album, released in November 20th of 1999 contains the entire OST for Um Jammer Lammy. Much like with the OST album for PaRappa 1, it contains all the tracks used in the game alongside lyrics sheets for all the songs in it, including the cutscene-only songs as well as the unused PaRapppa version of I am a Master and You.
However, it only has the English titles and lyrics for the tracks in the album, unlike the PaRappa OST albums.


  1. Serial 0
  2. Tag
  3. I am a Master and You
  4. ??? more minutes until the show!
  5. Leave it to Lammy!!
  6. Fire Fire!!
  7. Effector 1
  8. Treasure
  9. Music Box
  10. Baby Baby!!
  11. Effector 2
  12. Fright Flight!!
  13. Effector 3
  14. Casino in my Hair
  15. Power Off! Power On!
  16. Effector 4
  17. PaRappa's end roll in G minor
  18. Taste of Teriyaki
  19. Theme of Rammy
  20. Effector 5
  21. We are MilkCan
  22. Got to Move!
  23. Keep your Head Up
  24. I Am a Master and You (PaRappa ver.)
  25. On Monday
  26. Fire Fire!! (PaRappa ver.)
  27. On Tuesday
  28. Baby Baby!! (PaRappa ver.)
  29. On Wednesday
  30. Fright Flight (PaRappa ver.)
  31. Joe Chin's Natural Preservation
  32. Joe Chin's Chainsaw
  33. Power Off, Power On! (PaRappa ver.)
  34. On Thursday
  35. Taste of Teriyaki (PaRappa ver.)
  36. On Friday
  37. Got to Move! (PaRappa ver.)
  38. Joe Chin's Laptop Computer
  39. Joe Chin's Shopping Now!


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