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Um Jammer Lammy's intro starts with MilkCan going to the cinema to watch the sequel to Jet Baby. However, unlike in the previous game, this intro is used less to start the story and more to showcase the dynamics between MilkCan as a group, as well as Lammy's character in specific. After the movie ends, the three members have a debate on whether Jet Baby 2 was better or worse than the original, and soon thereafter they go to Chunky Burger in order to get some snacks.
However, they get picked on by the Bullies, which leads to Katy giving Lammy her guitar, which shows Lammy's more confident side through her catchphrase "Leave it to Lammy!"

Now Wait a Minute? Who is That!?

The game itself starts with Lammy rushing towards a concert she's participating on with her bandmates. As she rushes late, she starts wondering on whether she should keep what happened before to herself or tell it to them, and ends up referencing Stage 5 of PaRappa 1, including the line "Let's rap for it!".

Ultimately, she barely managed to make it - but only to find out that Katy has now invited Chop Chop Master Onion as the new vocalist for the band.

However, Katy notices her and gives Lammy her trademark guitar, which leads to Stage 1 - I Am A Master and You.

Following the song, Lammy ends up becoming embarassed after finding out she had a vacuum cleaner in her hands all along. Following that, Chop Chop Master Onion tells her that even if his dojo disappeared between the events of PaRappa 1 and UJL, he not only still fondly remembers it, but even imagines it in a even more glorious form that includes a casino.

B-back Off! You're in the Way!

Soon after, Lammy touches her alarm and wakes up, glad that it was all just a dream. However, the real struggle is only to start, as she finds out that she only has 15 minutes left in order to get to the concert.

This leads Lammy to go into a frenzy as she tries to get herself ready, having to go back to her apartment immediately after leaving it after realizing that she forgot to turn on the appliances.

Once she finishes turning off all of her appliances, Lammy finally exits her apartment in order to get to her concert, only to be stopped yet again, this time by external factors.

It turns out that the pizzeria is on fire, and while this unfortunate event has attracted a lot of people, Lammy has to cross the line in order to get to her concert in time.

The firefighters initally don't let her in, but after she explains her situation to them, they let Lammy cross - but only if she helps them put the fire out.
She doesn't really want to do it at first, but after seeing a Joe Chin's Casino advertisement next to the burning building, she remembers Chop Chop Master Onion's words and decides to do it, starting Stage 2 - Fire Fire!.

After School Sale

After the events of Stage 2, Lammy succeeds on her mission and she ends up eating pizza alongside the firefighting crew. In addition, Chief Puddle gives her a Flanger. However, Lammy checks on her clock and finds out that she now only has 11 minutes left for her concert.

This leads Lammy to start rushing towards her concert, but due to the weight she's put on because of the pizze she can't go as fast as she wants, and to make things worse, she's now near a daycare and gets mistaken for pregnant by none other than the Daycare's nurse, Cathy Pillar. Lammy also sees families marching, and Cathy Pillar is quick to bring Lammy to the daycare, telling her that there's an after school sale today.

Lammy is then forcefully carried into the daycare, and she slims down after a few minutes, to which Cathy Pillar reacts negatively.
Cathy Pillar then forces Lammy to help her and everyone else at the daycare. She finds a casino roulette lying around, and like before, this reminds her of CCMO's words, leading to Stage 3 - Baby Baby!.

Now Which One is My Left Hand?

Following Stage 3, Cathy Pillar vomits in front of Lammy while promoting the daycare, reminding her to come back "if she ever really has a baby". After this, Cathy gifts Lammy a harmonizer.
Immediately after, however, Lammy is struck with reality and finds out that she now only has 8 minutes left until the show starts, leading her to another rush as she steals a skateboard off a pair of kids in order to go faster, and ends up seeing a plane nearby. Seizing opportunity, she sneaks in through one of the windows.

After Lammy enters the plane, she notices the plane's pilot, Captain Fussenpepper. He turns around to see Lammy, but gets hit in the head during the process, leading to his mad, constantly trigger-tempered side to yell at her for "being late", calling her a "soldier" during the process. However, shortly after this speech Fussenpepper gets hit in the head again, and goes back to his goofy, rather forgetful personality, telling Lammy about his new fake teeth instead. The two keep bantering as Fussenpepper switches between his two sides courtesy of injuries to the head, but as a flight attendant announces that the plane is now about to take off, she mentions it has a casino, reminding Lammy of what CCMO said again, and Fussenpepper gets hit yet again as well, starting Stage 4 - Fright Flight!

You Said Anything, Didn't Ya?

After Stage 4, however, the 737 that Lammy and Fussenpepper were flying in ended up crashing into what seems to be a parking lot for a used car dealership. However, Lammy and Fussenpepper get out of the plane in time, and Fussenpepper then uses this opportunity to gift his new fake teeth to Lammy, now working as the wahwah effect in-game.
But much like in earlier stages, Lammy is immediately reminded of the time she has left for the concert, which has now drastically decreased to only 3 minutes, going off immediately to the concert...

...until she realizes that she lost her guitar on the plane.

This leads to a moment of desperation, but Lammy soon finds out that she's right in front of Chuck's Custom Guitars, to which she goes into.
Lammy tries to request Paul Chuck, who is the store owner a guitar, but her flustered attempts don't convince him at first, but after telling him that she'd do anything for it he eventually accepts, which ends up actually scaring Lammy. As she tries to hide, Chuck eventaully finds her, and gives her his chainsaw. Lammy, despite being unsure of how much time she has left to make it, overhears the song Casino in my Hair and restores her confidence that way, starting Stage 5 - Power Off, Power On!

Vital Idol

During stage 5, Lammy and Paul Chuck make a custom guitar together, and now Lammy has finally recieved the result of their work. In addition, Paul Chuck gifts Lammy a distortion effect. And much like in previous stages, Lammy is yet again reminded of the time left, which is now only 2 minutes.

Version Differences

This stage is different depending on which version of Um Jammer Lammy you play.
In the Japanese and European versions of the game, Lammy dies and gets sent to hell, while in the American version, she instead ends up in a remote island. This change was done in order to appease to the ESRB and mantain an E rating. However, the version of events that will be described will be the canonical version of events, that is, what happened in the Japanese and European versions.

Lammy starts rushing her way into the destination yet again, but she soon steps on a banana peel falling down to her death.

Soon after, she wakes up somewhere... strange. Lammy wonders on where she is and breaks the 4th wall, then the credits start rolling until an agent, Jack Smash, finds her and brings her to a concert, as he thinks he finally found the guitarrist.

Lammy is then introduced in the concert stage to the diva Teriyaki Yoko, who yells at her for being late and threatens to kill her. However, after Lammy tells her that she's dead already, Yoko promises that she'll revive her instead, as long as she plays well - and without the need to remember CCMO's words, this promise motivates Lammy to turn into her confident guitarrist persona, with Stage 6 - Taste of Teriyaki starting after Yoko does a small countdown.

MILKCAN, That's Us!

After Lammy and Yoko finish playing Taste of Teriyaki, Yoko summons a fax machine, which would bring Lammy back to PaRappa Town. However, before she can use it, Lammy's edgier counterpart from hell, Rammy, comes from it, only to find out that the show was now over. Rammy, now mad at Lammy, accuses her of stealing her job and starts complaining about how everything she had is now broken. She offers Lammy a duel, but due to the lack of time Lammy refuses and hops on the fax machine instead, regardless of Rammy's insistence towards it.

After returning back to PaRappa Town, Lammy sees a reverb with Yoko's face in it, and Lammy gives Yoko thanks for the gift, even if not in-person.

As Lammy rushes to the concert, we see a flashback involving the entirety of MilkCan, with Katy announcing the live concert to the other 2 girls in a changing room. While initially excited, Lammy starts worrying about just how close the date is, but Katy tells that it's the reason why they have to start working on it.
Katy then starts giving costume ideas, from a cavewoman, to an astronaut to a painter, but neither Lammy or Ma-san seem particularly interested in either.
At this exact point, Lammy ends up getting electrocuted, and her look followinga that ends up being approved by both Katy, who's now dressing as a cowgirl and Ma-san.

Following the theme idea, the trio starts working on the poster. Katy decides to make the logo really big, and Lammy suggests to her that "her picture doesn't have to stand out", even if Katy wants it to. Ma-san also decides to promote her father's pharmacy.

After this, we go back to the current time, and as Lammy rushes, we find out that Katy and Ma-san were actually similarly late for the concert, which also surprises Lammy. As the three finally see each other, they all put their hand together and apologize to each other at the same time.

Once the concert begins, Katy asks Lammy if she's okay, to with Lammy, now confident in herself responds by telling that MilkCan is always in her mind. The trio, in unison, then says "Leave it to... MILKCAN!" in front of the audience, starting the final stage of Lammy's campaign, Got to Move!

After Got to Move! ends, the credits screen roll again, and PaRappa's story mode is unlocked.