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PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack

Japanese Title: パラッパラッパー オリジナル サウンドトラック

This album contains the entire OST for the first PaRappa The Rapper game. There are two editions of this album, the original one from 1997 and a new edition released in May 24th, 2017 that was released for the game's 20th anniversary. The cover image is different between both of these versions, which are portrayed on the images next to this text.
In addition, the album also comes with lyrics for all the songs in the game, even for these that are only played during cutscenes.


The tracklist is the exact same between both versions of the Original Soundtrack, which goes as follows:


  1. Parappa's Greeting
  2. The Jet Baby
  3. Lovely Sunny Funny
  4. Bad Guys are Coming!
  5. Joe Chin is Here
  6. Enter Daydreams
  7. Beat Them Away!
  8. Yeah! I Know!!
  9. Chop Chop Master Onion's RAP
  10. Knock You Out!

You Guys Sit in the Back

  1. Sign of Happiness
  2. Down with Attitude
  3. Far Behind
  4. Smooth Life of Mine
  5. Feeling Dizzy
  6. Drive in the Air
  7. Instructor Mooselini's RAP
  8. Happy Ringing

My Dad's Gonna Bite Me

  1. It is fine today!
  2. Heavenly
  3. Paradise
  4. Rush to the Moon
  5. Prince Fleaswallow's RAP
  6. Alive Again

Guaranteed to Catch her Heart

  1. Donuts Head
  2. Sugar Song
  3. Round and Round
  4. Cake Bomb
  5. Anger of People
  6. Cooking Chicken's Show
  7. Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's RAP
  8. Cloud 9

Full Tank

  1. Straight to Hell
  2. Love You RAP
  3. The Dawn of Hope
  4. Toilet Express
  5. Return of Masters
  6. All Master's RAP
  7. On Fire!

I Gotta Believe

  1. Lose Heart
  2. Parappa's Live RAP with MC King Kong Mushi
  3. Thank You for Everything
  4. Katy and Sunny Funny Band Anthem
  5. Funny Love


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1997 Release