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PaRappa the Rapper starts with a scene of the movie "Jet Baby", which the characters are watching at the cinema. After Jet Baby defeats the one-eyed monster and saves a teddy bear, the credits start rolling, and we are introduced to PaRappa and his friends.

They talk about Jet Baby while on their way to the nearby Chunky Burger, and once they enter the establishment the gang starts requesting what they want to eat.

While Sunny is ordering, Parappa starts staring at her, and he ends up getting so distracted by her appearance that he is reminded to order something, but ends up only requesting for water.

I Need to Become a Hero!

While PaRappa and his friends are eating, a group of bullies enter the establishment and approach the table, starting to harrass the gang. However, Sunny tells them to stop, and soon after Joe Chin comes out of one of the bathroom stalls, with a comically exaggerated introduction included.
Joe then proceeds to start lauding his accomplishments at the bullies, which starts tiring them, and as Joe starts outright talking too much (which is demostrated by all the text bubbles surrounding him) PJ, Katy and Sunny get bored of him as well, leaving the restaurant in order to do something else.

PaRappa, however, stays for a bit longer as Joe Chin's speech instead starts motivating him to become a hero, too. He gets an idea, leading to the first canonical instance of "I gotta believe!" in the series.

Finally, we get introduced to the karate master Chop Chop Master Onion, teacher of the Fruits Dojo, which starts the first stage of the game - Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap.

After the end of the first stage, we go back to Joe Chin, who finally finishes his introduction, knocking out the bullies after several hours of talking.

You Guys Sit in the Back

Some time passes, and for the day PaRappa and friends are at Phat Donut. Sunny asks them where they want to go while they're eating.

and PaRappa suggests going to the beach, to which they agree. Katy reminds them that they'd need a car to do that, to which PJ adds a driver's license.
It's in this moment when Joe Chin arrives at the donut shop with his awe-inducing Super Stretched Limo 900, which he shows off to the gang. He asks the girls if they want to go to the beach with him, and Sunny accepts, but only and only if he brings everyone there. Joe accepts and allows Sunny and Katy to be in the front seats, while forcing PaRappa and PJ to sit on the backseats to their disssappointment, which due to the convertible's length is very far from the front seats.

When Joe Chin is ready to drive the gang to the beach, he almost immediately crashes his car into Phat Donut, leading PaRappa and PJ fainting and with lots of donuts to eat, but Joe moves his car without thinking of any of the consequences quickly after.
It's at this point that PaRappa starts imagining how it'd be like to fly Sunny to somewhere, and starts wondering of how it would be like if he just had a car and a license, leading him to utter his catchphrase.

After this, we are introduced to Instructor Mooselini, who is the driving instructor for U-Drive-U, starting Stage 2 of the game.

After Stage 2 ends, we see PaRappa's driver's license, included with a funny face.

My Dad's Gonna Bite Me!

We get another glimpse of PaRappa's driver's license, this time with a proper picture of him smiling, which quickly cuts into a scene where PaRappa takes off to Phat Donuts on his dad's car regardless of his father's worries.
He soon makes it there and shows his dad's car to the gang, and then invites his friends for a ride, with Sunny of course being on the front seats alongside him.

While driving, Sunny tells PaRappa if they could go somewhere "far, far away", which leads the dog to start imagining how a romantic dinner date with Sunny would go. As he starts daydreaming of kissing her, a heavy load truck ends up pushing PaRappa's dad's car, sending the gang to space (Katy even takes a picture!) and destroying it.

This event leads PaRappa to despair yet again as he fears his father will find out about what happened, but he reminds himself to believe in himself again.

Finally, we get introduced to the third stage's teacher, Prince Fleaswallow, the owner of a flea market PaRappa is planning to work on, who tells the player that the key to selling well is love and encourages them to freestyle as well.

Guaranteed to Catch Her Heart

Some time has yet again passed from the events of Stage 3, and it's now the day before Sunny Funny's birthday.
At Phat Donut, the gang's usual hangout, Katy is starting to plan what things will each of the other three will do for her birthday, and she's deciding this through rock-paper-scissors. The roles are three - someone who gets a present for her, someone who's going to buy the cake for her and and someone that will set up where it'll be and if there are going to be any decorations.
After the first round, Katy becomes the set-up producer, showing off a business card showing so.
In the next round, PaRappa and PJ play against each other, but end up both rolling paper, so they do it again; and this time around PJ rolls scissors, which means he's now the one who has to get the present. This leads PaRappa to now having to buy the cake.

PaRappa enters Sweety Cakes, the local bakery and cake store, and while checking what they have on display around he starts thinking of whether to get the "Total Love" cake or the "Daisy" one. He ends up choosing the "Daisy" one because he thinks Sunny would like it, although given the much higher price of the other cake it might have also played a factor in that way.

Soon after leaving the store, however, PaRappa is faced with a surprise... turns out that Joe Chin also got a cake for Sunny, and it's also much bigger, with an impressive 42 floors!
Joe then proceeds to verbosely explain what every floor of the cake means to PaRappa, and tells him that he's going to explain it in even more detail the day after before leaving and pushing PaRappa down, making him drop his cake and his face on the cake - leading him to imagine what Katy would think of him if he didn't bring a cake to the party, and since he's not only almost out of money, but also of time.

This means PaRappa is particularly thinking about a cake he can have for cheap - which leads to him to utter his catchphrase yet again as he is reminded of Cheap Cheap's cooking show, which he signs up for in order to be able to bake a cake for Sunny and starting Stage 4 of the game.

Full Tank

It is now the day of Sunny's birthday. PaRappa brings the seafood cake that he made with Cheap Cheap in Stage 4 to the picnic party and has a very fun time with his friends, chatting and eating together. PaRappa in particular eats a lot of the seafood cake, and when Joe Chin comes to the party with his huge cake, he is ignored despite all his attempts to join the gang.
Later on, PaRappa tells Katy if he can spend some time alone with Sunny, to which she accepts, with her and PJ leaving them so they can be togehter, looking at the sunset.

While together, however, as PaRappa is feeling hopelessly in love while romantically watching the sunset, he starts feeling some urges that tell him to go to the bathroom, which frustrates him.

As he starts thinking about how much he needs to do so, he starts seeing toilets over the birds flying in the sky, and he blames his issue on all the cake he ate.
At this point Sunny Funny notices him, realizing how manly he seemed to look, and she asks him if he can give her a ride, which he approves to - especially since he really needs to go to the bathroom. PaRappa puts on some music, and as he drives into somewhere he can find a bathroom on, he finds out that his car's gas tank is empty - which means he now also has find a gas station, which he does after driving straight for enough minutes.

He also finds out that the gas station has a restroom, and runs straight into it hoping to relieve himself - just to find out that all of his previous teachers are in line to the bathroom as well, leading PaRappa to disssappointment. However, the teachers tell him that they do know, and challenge him to a rap battle if he wants to be first in line and starting the penultimate stage of the game. Parappa wins, and soon after finally relieves himself.

Parappa wins, and soon after finally relieves himself. However, after returning to the car so he can drive Sunny home, she notes that he's "the same old PaRappa again".

I Gotta Believe!!

PaRappa's dad recieves an invitation from a man named "Rodney" directed to PaRappa himself to go to Club Fun with one other person. After PaRappa reads it, he starts thinking of inviting Sunny Funny, and he calls her in order to ask her out, which she accepts.
The day of the party, PaRappa drives to Sunny's house in order to go out with her, and once he gets there he walks to the door and rings the doorbell - only to be shocked by seeing Sunny's father instead, with his daugther behind him. Sunny explains everything to him and he accepts, but PaRappa must bring her home at a certain time.

After that, they drive together to Club Fun and are welcomed by Katy, who is going to dance there. PaRappa and Sunny advance into the crowd, and it seems that everyone is there, even Joe Chin and the bullies and we also find out that PJ is the DJ. After this, however, PaRappa and Sunny part ways, as he is invited to perform with MC King Kong Mushi, starting the sixth and final stage of the game.

After finishing the game, we get a final scene where while the rest of the people in the cinema have left the room, PaRappa and friends go into it, and as the camera zooms into the screen we are welcomed with the words "The End". This leads to the credits scene, which finishes with a small segment that teases a possbile sequel.