PaRappa: Much like in the games, the titular rapping pup is the anime's protagonist. Much like in the games, he hangs out with his friends and has a crush on Sunny Funny. However, he doesn't really rap much, despite getting involved in all sorts of crazy situations. He is also a lot more anxious than his game counterpart, being prone to tears and also rather clumsy.

PJ Berri

PJ Berri: PaRappa's best friend, a lazy bear that eats and sleeps during the day and DJs at Club Fun by night. He tends to be rather standoffish, but also cares a lot about his friends when something happens to them.

Sunny Funny

Sunny Funny: A friendly and kind flower girl, who Parappa is hopelessly in love with. She tends to worry a lot about others, and when someone needs her, she's always around to help them.

Katy Kat

Katy Kat: An outgoing and fashionable feline. She's very confident in herself and headstrong in her opinions, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any doubts or insecurities about herself. In the anime, she's shown to be a bit more strict than in the games, where she's usually very positive.

Matt Major

Matt Major: A friend of PJ's, known for his intelligence and resourcefulness. He tends to act like an older brother towards PaRappa, but can also be very ridiculous at times. Despite being popular with the girls at school, he doesn't seem to be that interested in dating anyone.

Paula Fox

Paula Fox: A fiery, charismatic fox girl who just moved to PaRappa Town. She's a natural-born leader and a social butterfly who likes partying and sports.
She can be mean and impulsive at times, but she's also clever and a savvy opportunity taker.


Pinto: PaRappa's adorably precocious younger sister, who always goes out alongside her pet Uee.
While usually reserved, she is also remarkably curious and cares a lot for her brother and his friends.


Gaster: A purple rabbit with a greedy and cunning personality whose goal in life is to scare the residents of Parappa Town. However, he is also bad at accepting defeat, and his plans often get stopped by Parappa and his friends.


Groober: Gaster's sidekick, who just happens to be a lavender cat. He's usually sleazy and slightly apathetic about most things, but willing to listen to Gaster's ambitious schemes.