Cover for the 1st volume of the Parappa anime's

PaRappa the Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Volume 1

Japanese Name: パラッパラッパーテレビアニメーション サウンドトラックvolume.1

This album is the first of two CDs containing the various music tracks used in the PaRappa anime as its soundtrack, including the openings and endings. It was originally released by Sony under its Aniplex label on August 22, 2001, under a price of 2,913 yen with sales tax at the time, and a production number of SVWC-1312.

In addition to the tracks used from the first half of the PaRappa anime, this music CD's first (and likely only) printing came with a promotional booklet for a Japan-only contest called Patter! Patter! PaRappa!! (パタ! パタ!パラッパ!!), in where you would use the paper dolls that came alongside the CD for an artistic work, photograph or record; amd the winners would get some PaRappa merchandise as their prize.


  1. LOVE TOGETHER ~ PaRappa The Rapper MIX
  2. PaRappa Appears YEAHHH!
  3. WELCOME TO PaRappa Town!
  4. LOVELY Sunny-chan
  5. Bonds of Love
  7. Cutie Katy
  8. Cheeky Pinto
  9. Window Shopping
  10. Adulthood is Fun ~ PaRappa the Rapper MIX
  11. PaRappa Family
  12. Paula's Excuse Me~!
  13. Gaster and Groober's Theme
  14. Caputre a Go Go!
  15. Bernie K - SCHOOL GIRL
  16. Bucket Capriccio
  17. Bourgeois, Isn't It?
  18. Don't Let Anyone Find It!
  19. Is It Scary?
  20. Goody-two-chunks!
  21. PJ's Tasty Stroll
  22. Let's Go Cool
  23. Going on a Trip
  24. Today is the Dance Party
  25. Dorothy Dance Show