Currently, only short resumes of each episode are available. In-depth summaries will come out soon!
Episode titles use the DefendPTR translations of the titles,

#1 - The Initial P!

A screenshot from Episode 1 of the PaRappa anime

In this debut episode, PaRappa tries to balance the promises he made with both PJ, who soon introduces him to Matt and Sunny alognside Katy. However, things soon get out of control with the arrival of Paula, who quickly gets on Katy's nerves - as well as the dissappearance of PaRappa's bicycle, which was stolen by Gaster, who now plans to ruin the garage sale as well.

#2 - The Theather Stage is Broken

A screenshot from Episode 2 of the PaRappa anime

There's a old theatre in the middle of town, mantained by a kindly middle aged woman called Dorothy whom Katy is close to. One day, Parappa and Matt find out about the theatre, and following an accident they find out that the threatre is going to be demolishes soon, which leads them to gather friends and acquaintances old and current in order to make one last performance.

#3 - A Tiring Class Change

A screenshot from Episode 3 of the PaRappa anime

School just started, and the gang meets their new homeroom teacher - a timid blue dog called Shyman.
However, an accident happens which accidentally makes him mad and PaRappa and friends have to quickly find a solution if they actually want to stay in school.

#4 So This is Love?

A screenshot from Episode 4 of the PaRappa anime

Following a visit to Club Fun, Paula falls in love with the club's DJ... who soon turns out to be no one other than PJ Berri himself.
Hijinks ensoue as the gang tries to matchmake them and get then to go on a date, but in the end the two of them decide to stay as friends instead.

#5 - Being Completely Nude Everywhere

A screenshot from Episode 5 of the PaRappa anime

While fishing with the boys, PaRappa accidentally finds a pendant, which sends them to the past after Sunny puts it on. Following this, they meet a powerful warrior who wants to reunite with his star-crossed lover, and togther with PaRappa and company, they embark in an adventure in order to correct the course of history.

#6 - Let's Go For The Dishes

A screenshot from Episode 6 of the PaRappa anime

It's a brand new day, and according to Boxy Boy, it's going to be a very lucky day for Parappa. Later on, PaRappa his friends find out about a nearby sushi restaurant, which is a front for Gaster and Groober's bank-robbing plan. Soon enough, it is up to Parappa and his friends to both get the bank's money back and entertain the customers while they are waiting.

#7 - Bourgeoisie

A screenshot from Episode 7 of the PaRappa anime

After putting out a fire near the local basketball court, the gang meets the yearning firefighter Chief Puddle. It turns out that he is in love with a wealthy lady called Anne Tambourine, but that despite how deep their feelings for each other are, her father won't let them get married. This leads Parappa and friends to enact a plan to convince the Tambourine patriarch to allow the star-crossed lovers to finally get together.

#8 - Anyone Found

A screenshot from Episode 8 of the PaRappa anime

Parappa and the boys have been secretly building a rocket in a secret base close to school as a passion project.
However, things take a more chaotic turn when Sunny Funny accidentally discovers their project, leading to the involvement of the rest of the gang and the furious teacher Ms. Hippo.

#9 - It's Too Early to Give Up!

A screenshot from Episode 9 of the PaRappa anime

There's going to be a dance party very soon, and PaRappa wants to go out to it with Sunny. However, not only is he a bit too shy to just ask her out, but little do PaRappa and friends know that Gaster and Groober will get involved, and that a certain pink bear might be interested in them as well...

#10 - Fragrant of The Banana

A screenshot from Episode 10 of the PaRappa anime

Parappa can't wait to watch the batter Schmidt's game today. He and his friends know everything about him, including the fact that he loves bananas. Parappa also wants to get his autograph, as a big fan of him in his own.
But when everything goes bananas after Gaster and Groober kidnap Schmidt, will Parappa and his friends be able to rescue him in time?

#11 - That was Considerably Heavy

A screenshot from Episode 11 of the anime

Matt has been obsessed with doing a lot of things lately, and one of these is to earn enough "good boy points" in order to become worthy enough to have a bronze statue in Parappa Town. This leads him to go on a crazy adventure with Parappa and PJ as they face both the forces of nature working against them and a certain pair of familiar adversaries who want surprisingly similar goals...

#12 - Is it Scary?

A screenshot from Episode 12 of the Parappa anime

There have been rumors of monsters and ghosts being up to stuff floating around PaRappa Town lately...
Despite Parappa's easily scared nature, most of his friends agree on the rumours being just rumors - but when Sunny Funny dissappears in the middle of the night, what will they do?

#13 - ACHO! ACHO!

A screenshot from Episode 13 of the anime

After spending a year traveling around the world in order to learn exotic fighting techniques, Chop Chop Master Onion returns to PaRappa Town, and he reminds his student PaRappa to clean up his dojo before he returns them. Meanwhile, Paula wants to cut some oranges she bought with Matt at the market, and takes an interest on Chop Chop Master Onion's techniques after realizing they could help her do that.

#14 - For Whom Do You Vote?

#15 - It's My Fault...

#16 - We Must Show Attribute

#17 - The Center of Attention

#18 - Droopy

#19 - At Full Speed, PJ!

#20 - I'm Spectacular!

#21 - PaRappa Town Hero!

#22- Ah, We Saw a Dinosaur Here!

#23 - Fleaswallow's Dilemma

@24 - Now, Where's Our Director?

#25 - Did You Say You Didn't Sleep?

#26 - Muscle Pain Tomorrow!

#27 - Today Does Also Have a Nice Flavor

#28 - A Heart is the Pass!

#29 - It's PJ and His Friends!

PJ is signed up for a contract with MC King Kong Mushi.

#30 - PaRappa, Give The Hat Back!

After helping a bird the day before, PaRappa makes up with his hat feeling particularly heavy. It soon turns out that this is because his hat is now a nest for the bird he helped's children, and now he has to deal with not only taking care of the little birds but also the increasing popularity of themed beanies similar to his across PaRappa Town.