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PaRappa The Rapper 2 EU Cover

PaRappa the Rapper 2 is the sequel to the hit PlayStation game PaRappa the Rapper, developed by the same people who made the previous two games in the franchise and a few newcomers.
It released in August 30th of 2001 in Japan, January the 21st 2002 in North America and April 5th of that same year in Europe.

It began development on the PlayStation 2 following the release of Um Jammer Lammy, and the time of accustomation to the new hardware and development platforms took quite a fair amount of the game's development time, but the team at NanaOnSha managed to make it work.

While the game was still a commercial success in Japan due to the series' recognition as a brand, which made it enter the PlayStation 2 the Best line only 10 months after its release, the disastrous production of the anime series, which was made to promote the franchise combined with the poor sales in the United States and near-complete lack of demand for the series in Europe led to PaRappa 2 being the last game in the series and most subsequent works related to the franchise being relesed in Japan only.