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Much like previous entries in the series, PaRappa 2's prologue begins in a cinema.
Noodle monster PaRappa and co. at the cinema However, in a stark contrast to previous entries, where it was just a movie that everyone was watching; the monster comes to life and starts throwing noodles at everyone, causing everyone in the room to run away.
PaRappa locks the door PaRappa manages to escape, but he still hears the monster's steps inching closer and closer to his location. And just as the monster is about to open the door, he wakes up.

Parappa's room, full of noodles

We find out that PaRappa won a 100 years' worth of noodle products with his dad on a contest at a burger shop; starting from there, all PaRappa has eaten is noodles - which has led him to become tired of them by this time.

Later on that day, PaRappa goes to Sunny's house in order to eat lunch alongside her and PJ. However, that day Sunny ends up only serving noodles - which leads PaRappa to a mental breakdown.
PaRappa tries to believe PaRappa can't believe Sunny then calls him a baby for that, which worsens his mental state even further and leads to him and PJ leaving Sunny's house in order to eat somewhere else.

Beard Burgers: A PaRappa Town Tradition!

PaRappa and PJ walking around town

Following the incident at Sunny's house, PaRappa and PJ decide to go around town in order to get something to eat. They end up thinking about burgers, and go to Beard Burgers, PaRappa Town's most emblematic burger joint.

In there, PaRappa and PJ order for some classic Beard Burgers - only to be served noodle burgers instead.
PaRappa asks for a Beard Burger PJ asks for 10 Beard Burgers Beard Burgers serves noodles PaRappa complains about noodles in his burgers This leads PaRappa to complain about getting the wrong order, but he is soon told that the burgers are getting turned into noodles and that he should just try the noodles instead, which leads to PaRappa getting even angrier. If only our president were alive... However, shortly after that the dog overhars a pair of employees complaining about the new manager, wishing that the old president was with them instead as they can have "no baby running the store".
The word "baby" ends up making PaRappa remember what had happened with Sunny just before, as he imagines a scenario where she dumps him in favor of Joe Chin, not only calling him a baby, but surrounding him with them as well.

PaRappa gets cucked PaRappa is called a baby PaRappa is surrounded by babies PaRappa gets sad Beard Burger Master arrives

At this point, however, Beard Burger Master, the original founder and president of Beard Burgers' ghost steps out of a poster and calls everyone out. Once that's done, he decides to teach PaRappa how to make actual burgers, leading to Stage 1 - Toasty Buns after uttering "I gotta believe!"

BBM gives PaRappa some advice I Gotta Believe! - PaRappa 2 Edition

Strictly For Adults

Reporter Rodney

We cut to outside of Beard Burgers, where a man resembling Rodney Alan Greenblat is currently reporting about the "noodlization" phenomenon that is currently occurring over PaRappa Town.

PaRappa and PJ, who were now trying out some ice cream, find out they Noodle ice cream ended up turning into noodles. This becomes the last straw for PaRappa's patience, and he decides to go home alongside PJ in order to tell his dad about the problem.

General Potter watching TV

By this time. Rodney's report ends, and we find out that General Potter is currently at PaRappa's home, trying to find solutions to the noodle problem alongside Papa PaRappa himself.

It is at this point that Papa PaRappa finishes a new invention - tailor- made to solving the noodle problem. After Potter praises the new invention, PaRappa's dad gives him the remote control that will help him test it out.
It takes a few tries for Potter to actually be able to use Papa PaRappa's remote control - the light green button turns out to be useless, while the rounder dark green button activates the cat was instead. However, once General Potter pushes the green, but square button, the de-noodlizer finally activates...
...and ends up shrinking both of them instead.

At the same time, PaRappa and PJ finally arrive to their destination.
Since Papa PaRappa and Potter shrunk, the two friends assume no one is around, which renders all of Papa PaRappa and Potter's pleading for help moot.

PJ then introduces PaRappa to the TV show Romantic Karate, which would help the duo to lose weight quickly. PaRappa quickly accepts PJ's suggestion, and the two start watching the show.
However, the show is mentioned to be "strictly for adults" - which leads PaRappa to another imagination segment, as he sees himself with his friends, Sunny and Joe Chin all watching a show called "Danger Tick". When the tick dies, everyone finds it hilarious except for PaRappa. Sunny and Joe Chin then agree on it being "definitely not for kids" on the account of its supposed edginess, and after hearing this, PaRappa forces himself to laugh as to fit in with the others.

Soon after, however, PaRappa manages to snap out of it with some cues from PJ; and he is surprised at seeing that the host of the show is none other than Chop Chop Master Onion - who tells the audience that even if they're too young, his new techniques will make them join the world of adults. This alleviates PaRappa's previous fears, starting Stage 2 - Romantic Love.

HEY! Grab That Remote Control!

After Romantic Karate ends, PaRappa starts wondering where everyone else is. PJ tries to guess, but little do the two of them know that Papa PaRappa and General Potter are right between them, pleading to be brought back to normal.

PJ then grabs the remote control to change channels, and ends up briging them back to normal. However, PaRappa doesn't want to watch such a channel, grabbing the remote control and shrinking both his dad and Potter again. This leads to a small fight between PJ and PaRappa for the remote control.
PJ then starts wondering if they have ghosts in their house, but little do they know that PaRappa would end up accidentally pushing the remote's button and shrinking both his friend and himself as well.

At this point, Papa PaRappa tells his son that he was calling him and PJ through all that time, but PaRappa reminds his dad that he didn't know what he meant by that.

It is at this time, however, that more people enter PaRappa's house.
First, it's the three ladies of MilkCan, who want to tell PaRappa about the current incident. Much like before, the ones shrunk start pleading them to grab the remote control. Katy ends up doing so, but gets both herself and Lammy shrunk instead. Ma-san, who was by now sitting on the couch ends up being spared from the supposed de-noodlizer's effects due to pure positioning and takes control of the remote from there on.

By that time, however, a bunch of random people start coming to PaRappa's house for whatever reason; including delivery workers, cleaning service, "visitors from space" and random passerby; all of which end up quickly being shrunk by Ma-san.

The amount of people walking by starts making PaRappa more and more impatient towards the goal of returning back to his original size - but just at the right time, a mysterious ant comes from the window, seemingly replying to PaRappa's, and possibly everyone's calls.

As Guru Ant falls into the scenery and starts talking to the crowd, PaRappa starts daydreaming again as he imagines how Sunny would treat him if he stayed tiny.

Following his seemingly cynical words, however, Guru Ant hints at a way to return back to normal by "creating your own groove". This makes PaRappa feel good again, and starts Stage 3 - Big.

At the end of the stage, however, Guru Ant notices that he is bigger than usual now.

We'll Turn You Into... A Real Man

We are now finally introduced to the game's main villans - the genius Colonel Noodle and his Noodle Syndicate.
Colonel Noodle introduction cutscene 1 Colonel Noodle introduction cutscene 2 While not letting himself be seen for nowm he calls what the incident that happened earlier in the game, "Operation Burgers Into Noodles" has been a success. Promising to make noodles take over the world, Colonel Noodle then makes a rousing speech dedicated to all of his followers, encouraging them to further their shared goal

The Noodle Syndicate in action Rodney Greenblat taking photos General Potter running alongside his soldiers Noodle Syndicate members lined up

Following this, we go back to our heroes' story. It turns out that General Potter is now assembling soldiers against Colonel Noodle's army in order to save all the other foods, most notably sweets.
General Potter's Special Armed Forces After giving the soldiers, as well as the recruits PaRappa and PJ a rousing speech of his own, he starts the mission and tells everyone to go across town in order to fight the Noodle Syndicate - except for PaRappa and PJ, who as new recruits to the army have to finish their training first.

After being dragged by Potter alongside his own best friend, PaRappa notices that the name of the building for the training camp he is going to be sent to - "Special Armed Forces Training Camp" - and its tagline - "We'll Turn You Into a Real Man!" The words "A Real Man!" then start to make him think, as he imagines himself as an astronaut.
PaRappa imagines being a 'real man' PaRappa going into the rocket PaRappa rocket PaRappa after the rocket crashes After getting into the rocket while cheered on by Sunny, he tries to start up the main engines; but his lack of knowledge about rockets lead the spaceship to crash, with PaRappa being injured in the process.

A picture of Moosesha

It is at this point in which Moosesha appears, with her imposing presence shocking both PaRappa and PJ. She decides to take the two of them under her wing, and as PaRappa becomes interested, he reminds himself to believe, starting Stage 4 - Sista Moosesha.

You Don't Want Her to Go Through This, Do You??

PaRappa and PJ saluting

After finishing Stage 4, PaRappa and PJ succefully complete their training, meaning that they're now waiting for their first combat mission. Since they have nothing to do, they crack a small joke, but soon after PJ starts walking backwards, which leads him to hit himself in the head with a barbell, which goes off the hands of the bully who was originally lifting it; following that it hits another bully, who was at the time running on a threadmill.
PJ moments before everything goes to shit The barbell is about to hit someone The barbell hits another bully Machines dropping like dominoes This bully ends up crashing against a shelf, which sends him off once again, and through the weight he was launched on the exercise machines star falling off like dominos as well, making even more people fall off.

Soon after, PaRappa and PJ are called for a mission - a kidnapping has happened at a hair salon, and they need to go there in order to rescure the people held there. This convinces PaRappa and PJ to leave, and they run away from the place they are at as the furniture starts falling down.

PaRappa and PJ looking at people with afros near the hair salon

Once PaRappa and PJ aarrive to the hair salon, the duo notices how everyone around they seems to have an afro now.
PJ also points that these afros seem to only get bigger, and as the two friends become afraid, PaRappa drags PJ into the hair salon, knowing that it might as well be now or never.

Hairdresser Octopus

Once PaRappa and PJ enter the salon, however, they see the Hairdresser Octopus boasting about his own techniques and the three girls of MilkCan scared as they go round and round on the rotating chairs, and their hair now styled in afros. Katy explains what happened to Takoyama, but Lammy Scared Lammy with an afro can only plead for help, and Ma-san doesn't seem to be minding anything about it.
PJ tells Lammy that he tinks she looks good with an afro, but Lammy refuses to believe in such a thing. Katy then makes PaRappa ask if he would like to see Sunny with her hair styled into an afro - which leads him to imagine Sunny with an afro himslf as falling out from the shock at seeing such a hairstyle on his crush.
However, he soon snaps out of it as he tries to remember what he actually has to do.

Following that, Takoyama approaches and challenges him to a duel. If PaRappa wins, Takoyama would do everyone's hair again in order to bring them all back to normal.
Takoyama challenges PaRappa 1 Takoyama challenges PaRappa 2 PaRappa tells Takoyama he has never cut someone's hair, but Katy encourages him, and as she throws Lammy her guitar, she encourages her and MilkCan as a whole as well. Following both Lammy's PTR2 Leave it to Lammy! "Leave it to Lammy!" and PaRappa's "I gotta believe!", Stage 5 - Hair Scare starts.

Papa PaRappa's Pastime is Perfected!

The gang checks the tape recorder out

Following PaRappa's victory against Takoyama in stage 5, a mysterious machine is destroyed and following that, the Hairdresser Octopus goes back to his calmer blue form. The destroyed machine then grabs the attention of PaRappa, PJ, Katy, Lammy and Ma-san; and Katy suggests that Papa PaRappa should check it.

A cartridge of Food Court

Once the gang goes to PaRappa's house, Papa PaRappa inspects what\s in it, and finds out this was the Noodlizer, which was turning everything into noodles. And it turns out that among the things powering it is a cartridge of the game Food Court, which is very rare and hard to find.

PaRappa's dad, convinced it might as well be the main thing doing the work on the Noodlizer, so he suggest the idea of playing the game in order to find a solution.
PaRappa and co. discover the secret basement After PaRappa asks his father on why Food Court had never hit the market, Papa PaRappa pushes a button which reveals a door to a secret basement in PaRappa's house, hidden completely by a bookcase before then.
The rumor about Food Court (1/5) The rumor about Food Court (2/5) The rumor about Food Court (3/5) The rumor about Food Court (4/5) The rumor about Food Court (5/5) PaRappa after hearing the Food Court rumor As everyone slides down into the basement, PaRappa's dad tells everyone that the reason why Food Court never hit the market was Everyone falling down into the basement due to a rumor that anyone who lost the game could only eat noodles for the rest of their life. PaRappa is shocked by it, but once everyone, including PJ, the MulkCan trio and Potter finally enter the secret basement, it's time to search for the console.

PJ finding a Pet Stone

At the secret basement of PaRappa's family, the gang ends up finding quite a few things first - such as a picture of PaRappa's dad and his mom on a honeymoon, a bunch of Pet Stones from decades past, but soon enough Papa PaRappa finds his old console. The amount of dust it has makes everyone cough at first, but soon enough the cartridge is put into the console.
PaRappa offers himself up for it, but his father tells him its too risky for him. PaRappa then looks back at not only his relationship with his father, as well as how the teachers of the previous stages made him learn PaRappa offers himself up for Food Court new things - and he realizes that this moment is also a great opportunity for him to stand up in his own two feet. He convinces his dad that he should be the one to play it even with the risks involved, starting Stage 6 - Food Court.

Noodles Are The Flow, Noodles Are The Groove!

After PaRappa beats Food Court, his dad congratulates him for having achieved such a goal, regardless of how risky it could have been.
It also turns out that the solution to the noodle problem is sweets, and with the Food Court cartridge now being resolved, Papa PaRappa's denoodlizer is finally complete.

Papa PaRappa and the cartridge for the Denoodlizer The finished Denoodlizer

Just at that moment, howerver, an alarm starts ringing, announcing that the Noodle Syndicate is currently attacking PaRappa Town. This prompts everyone around PaRappa to start dialing others in order to know what's happening; and once that was finsihed, it was now time to assemble. Papa Papa PaRappa suggesting everyone the use of his inventions everyone around PaRappa to start dialing others in order to know what's PaRappa suggests they should use his inventions as well, and so they prepare to take PaRappa Town back again.

Meanwhile, the Noodle Syndicate's army, now equipped with tanks and powerful Moodlizers, is causing all sorts of chaos over the streets of PaRappa Town.
Noodle Syndicate tanks The Noodlizer noodlizing an entire building A solider using his Noodlizer CCMO running away from the town alongside a Kotamanegi As the population panicks, however, PaRappa and company start dirving in The gang, all ready to fight! their own vehicles across the town, with them using their Denoodlizers in order to return things back to normal as much as they can. However, this doesn't stop the Syndicate soldiers, which leads General Potter to suggest the others to switch tactics, this time going for an offensive strategy Switching to the Sweets Attack based on attacking the tanks and grunts with sweets instead, which uccessfully defeats them.

After the battle is over, PJ suggests that the Noodle Syndicate fighters are dummies - which surprises everyone... until PaRappa slips and falls on a cable.
PaRappa slipping on a wire PaRappa finds out some wires are sticking out This leads everyone to follow PaRappa after they find out it leads to a building. As they climb through the building, the group rushes to find out if there was anyone there - which there is. After reaching the top of the building, they find out there's someone controlling everything behind the scenes.

Everyone follows the route of the cable Entering the building Rushing through the building Stairs

They see a small man, surrounded by computers and seemingly reclusive Colonel Noodles' watching over PaRappa Town towards the fact that theyre are others close to him. Papa PaRappa manages to quickly recognize him as Beard Burger Master's son, and PaRappa similarly asks him about what he was doing there. It's also pretty obvious he is the man behind all the events of this game. Colonel Noodle, however, is quick to silence them.

Noodles exposed (1/3) Noodles exposed (2/3) Noodles exposed (3/3) Colonel Noodle explains his origin story

Noodle then proceeds to explain his origin story, mentioning that the reason why he hates burgers so much is a direct response to his father's obsession with them - it was so big that all Colonel Noodles ate was burgers, no matter what.
Noodle and burgers (1/4) Noodle and burgers (2/4) Noodle and burgers (3/4) Noodle and burgers (4/4) This eccentricty caused him to become an outcast, and he even mentiones that at one point, his mother "ate so many burgers that she became a burger" herself.
The fate of Noodle's mother (1/4) The fate of Noodle's mother (2/4) The fate of Noodle's mother (3/4) The fate of Noodle's mother (4/4) In addition, he always preferred noodles, and this is what led him to make noodles of all things take over the world. As he doubles down on his fanaticism of noodles, he increasingly believes himself to be right; and in the end, Noodle challenges PaRappa to a rap battle, uttering the rapping dog's iconic catchphrase and starting Stage 7 - Noodles Can't Be Beat.

Colonel Noodle just before stage 7 Noodle's 'I gotta believe!' (1/3) Noodle's 'I gotta believe!' (2/3) Noodle's 'I gotta believe!' (3/3)

Final Party!!

During the events of Stage 7, Parappa manages to redeem Colonel Noodle by showing him that there's more to life than just noodles.

PaRappa 2 picnic

Shortly after that, PaRappa, PJ, Katy, Lammy and the dads have a picnic alongside Colonel Noodle, who is being protected by two soldiers working as his bodyguards. In addition, Sunny Funny is also with them.
As Come A Long Way starts to play, a flashback showing what Sunny Funny was doing during the time the games' events passed.

Sunny finding out that PaRappa is going with PJ

It turns out that Sunny tried to follow PaRappa after his departure, but after finding out that he preferred to eat burgers with PJ for the time, she started thinking about her previous actions and went back home, in which she would see PaRappa growing big alongside Guru Ant through one of the windows after watching Romantic Karate, and during the events of Stage 4, she watched PaRappa train alongside Moosesha wit her dad.
Sunny and Potter looking from above Sunny looking through the binoculars Sunny finding PaRappa again Following the events of Stage 7, she reunited with PaRappa and co. - which leads to where we are now again.

PaRappa gives Noodle a beanie identical to his own, and immediately after, A letter to PaRappa from Colonel Noodle one of the soldiers gives the dog a letter written by Noodle himself, in which he invites him to play at a concert at a stage that he got them.
Shortly before the concert starts, he tells Sunny that despite all his attempts at becoming "more mature", he doesn't think he really became such a thing, so he will instead just be himself this time. Sunny then comforts him, telling PaRappa that he is man enough already, as he believes in himself and never gives up

Sunny comforting PaRappa (1/2) Sunny comforts PaRappa (2/2)

And once it's time for PaRappa, his fellow DJ friend PJ, the three girls of MilkCan MC King Kong Mushi in PaRappa 2 and the teachers, including Noodle as well to perform, MC King Kong Mushi climbs onto the stage, presenting PaRappa alongside him as the crowd cheers for him. This starts the last stage in the game and the series, Always Love!.

Always Love!


After the end of Stage 8, everything has gone back to normal. Beard Burgesr has gotten surprisingly fond of the new noodle dishes, Papa PaRappa is still coming up with crazy inventions and PaRappa is hanging out again at Sunny's house, now being able to eat whatever he wants again - except for cheese, because he won a lifetime supply of cheese.

PaRappa saying he can eat anything now PaRappa carrying a pizza full of cheese into the oven Cheese in the oven PaRappa The Rapper 2 title after credits